unsuspecting spoken words
drenched with
driving psytrance music
play with the beta.

it all started in 2005, listening to a psytrance cd in the car, and then switching to npr news, and then realizing that since the car stereo had both a cd player and an fm tuner, and that there was no good technical reason for not being able to listen to a wordless psytrance cd and and fm talk radio at the same time -- and suddenly it seemed like an obviously great and compelling idea. a moral imperative.

the problem was that every single damn audio equipment manufacturer had somehow gotten it into their head that people only wanted to listen to one audio source at a time. well, a certain kind of person can only stand this sort of problem for a short time before something must be done. and that something is this: infotrance,

there's more going on under the hood here than is initially apparent. there's support for mp3 radio stations, as well as for wma and ra streams. there's built-in support for playing podcasts, and for custom playlists. there's support for end-user customization (adding your own info and trance streams). spoken-word podcasts can be played back faster or slower than normal speed. you can create custom bookmarkable urls for stream combinations, and share them with friends. but of course, that's pretty much all undocumented at this point.

documentation, apis, and examples are what will come next. for now though, just play with the beta.

contact mark at tr dot org with questions, comments, rants, or raves.